Clinical Assistant™ powered by AI

"Making Healthcare Providers Faster & Smarter"

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Clinical Assistant™ is an artificial intelligence that's set to revolutionize healthcare by improving three areas:

Understanding Patients

Helping healthcare providers understand patients by:

  • Organizing detailed patient history in one place to allow rapid chart reviews
  • Categorizing patient impairments by severity & type to help guide treatment
  • Connecting dots between impairments & interventions to guide clinical reasoning
  • Displaying visualizations of progress across all patient impairments
Gaining Knowledge

Helping healthcare providers gain knowledge by:

  • Leveraging the knowledge of other healthcare providers to provide real time insights when caring for patients
  • Integrating documentation with research to provide greater awareness of evidence
  • Providing personalized real time assessment and treatment recommendations
  • Answering challenging prognostic questions about patients in real time
Reducing Burden

Reducing burden for healthcare providers by:

  • Automatically generating comprehensive & outcome driven patient notes
  • Automating billing and reimbursement – no headaches
  • Growing their practice & caseload by making their value visible to patients and payers