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How Tagojo Works

Create a profile

Create a Free Public Profile

Create a profile, describe your skills, set your schedule, and list the types of patients you want to serve

Receive Appointment Requests

Receive Appointment Requests

We will market your profile to patients and you will receive appointment requests that you can accept or reject.

Meet in the community

Meet In The Community

Meet your patient in their home, gym, or workplace and get paid immediately after the session.

Why Physical Therapists Are Using The Tagojo Platform

A young physical therapist standing with her arms wide open in front of an ocean appearing to be free

Make More Money with Improved Job Experience

Earn double to triple the income per hour worked and get paid instantly. Have unlimited flexibility and control over your schedule.

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Write Easy and Meaningful Documentation

Automatically generated patient goals, assessments and outcomes. No redundant data entry. Only document what will be meaningful to your patient.

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Automatically Show Patients the Value Provided

Patients can visualize the severity of all functional impairments you discovered in your assessments. They can also track progress over time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tagojo

Yes! Tagojo asks for nothing up front and only gets paid if you get paid. We automatically take a 20% service fee for each visit completed. This covers costs of patient acquisition, keeping the platform running, and building new features that you request!
Payment is built into the platform using stripe. Your patient enters their credit card information before scheduling and payment is transfered to your account after you complete the visit.
Tagojo requires all of it's providers to have their own professional liability insurance.
Tagojo requires all of it's providers to have a portable exam table, which can cost as little as $75. Other tools will depend on your treatment style and caseload.

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