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What Value Can A Physical Therapist Provide Me?

Recognize Your Impairments

Recognize Your Impairments

Our software will show you what your function impairments are and the severity of each. These are assessed by your Physical Therapist.

Indentify The Interventions

Identify The Interventions

Our software will show you which interventions are addressing each of your impairments. These will be prescribed by your Physical Therapist.

Track Progress

Track Your Progress

Our software will show you the progress you make on resolving impairments over time. Your Physical Therapist will reassess you to guage your progress.

Why Schedule With A Physical Therapist On JonniPT?

No doctors referral required

Many clinics will ask you for a referral from your physician even though physical therapists have legal direct access in most states. Physical therapists are trained to perform screenings to determine if it's necessary to see a doctor.

See your physical therapist when you want

Most clinics within the traditional healthcare system offer physical therapy services during normal business hours. Physical Therapists on our platform also have early morning, evening, and weekend availability.

See your physical therapist where you want

In the tradtional healthcare system you will often see a physical therapist in a standardized clinic environment. On our platform you can choose to have the visit where it's most suited for your needs and goals and your physical therapist will bring any necessary equipment with them.

Save time by avoiding unecessary hassle

Going through the tradtional healthcare system often involves seeing 1 or 2 doctors before receiving the necessary care from a physical therapist. Insurance authorization can also delay or prevent care in many cases.

What Can A Physical Therapist on Tagojo See Me For?

An eldery man grimacing appearing to be in pain

Reducing Pain

A physical therapist can help you decrease pain that occurs with body positions, movements, or exercises.

A mom and her child lifting a heavy suitcase out of the trunk of an SUV

Preventing Injury

A physical therapist can indentify and address impairments before they lead to pain, injury, or loss of function.

A track athlete at the starting block

Improving Performance

Specialized physical therapists can analyze the demands of your physical goals and guide you through a personalized program to maximize peformance in sport or every day life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tagojo

Tagojo ensures that all physical therapists its platform are licensed to practice, but cannot directly ensure the specific quality of its many providers. Tagojo strives for the highest quality of care possible by constantly adding new features that help build trust and transparency between patients and providers.
Secure payment is built into the platform using Stripe. You will be prompted to enter payment information before scheduling with a physical therapist. Payment is automatically deducted after the visit is completed.

No, but paying cash can often be cheaper and more convenient compared to using your insurance.

Some insurance plans require to you to see a physician before starting physical therapy which can cost hundreds of dollars extra. Many insurance plans have out of pocket copays of $30-60 per physical therapy visit. High deductible insurance plans are also becoming more common and patients can pay hundreds of dollars every visit until they reach their deductible. Insurance also do not cover many necessary services such as wellness, ongoing preventive medicine, and performance training. Many patients are denied reimbursement for care before their goals are met. The cost of care using insurance is not transparent until you get bill in the mail weeks or months later.

On Tagojo there are no hidden fees. You always know the cost per visit up front. You always have 1:1 sessions with a licensed physical therapist. When working outside of insurance, Tagojo finds its providers are less restricted in helping you reach your desired health transformation with visits as low as 40% the cost of the insurance model.

You will billed the full amount if you don’t show up to an appointment or cancel with a 2 hours notice.
You will billed the full amount if you don’t show up to an appointment or cancel with a 2 hours notice.
There are no visit limitations. You can be seen as many times as you want and can also stop care at any time. However, in some states certain laws require you to see a physician after a certain time period. You should discuss this with your physical therapist if you have any questions.

Tagojo offers refunds in rare cases where a visit was successfully canceled through the platform and an account was still billed.

Tagojo does not offer refunds if you miss a scheduled visit. Tagojo does not offer refunds in cases where your physical therapist does not meet your needs or expectations. Tagojo does not and cannot guarantee the specific quality of physical therapists on its platform. If you are not satisfied with your physical therapist you can continue care with a different physical therapist on the platform at any time.

Only you and physical therapists that you see can view your protected health information.
Tagojo never shares your personal health information without your consent.

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